How to Introduce Baby to your Cat Fur-babies

One of the questions we get a lot is about how our two cats responded to Jaxon when we brought him home. Cats are very territorial creatures. So, how did we introduce Jax to our fur-babies? Read on!

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Bonds Baby Top Picks

It’s not only the designs that have me standing before you an avid Bonds supporter but the pure functionality of the clothes.

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Why We Need to Stop Shaming Mothers Who Formula Feed

I recently posted a question to a Facebook mum’s group about introducing formula to my breastfed baby. The question was about reflux and quantity not about the choice to do so.
I got met with some pretty harsh criticism from ‘breast-is-best’ advocates and it got me thinking. For me it is a choice to wean onto formula so I can eventually go back to work, but for other mums the choice is made for them.

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Transitioning Baby from Bassinet to Cot

While we were nervous about the trip overseas, we decided to use this time away from home to break up his relationship with his bassinet.

If you take anything away from this article its that when it comes to transitioning an infant into their own room/bed it is so important to time your battle.

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Changes To Prepare For After You Announce Your Pregnancy

As soon as I was pregnant, I wanted to shout it out to the world. The 12-week wait was painful and I didn’t manage to make it very far before spilling the beans to my mum (10 weeks), a close friend at work (8 weeks) and my personal trainer (5 weeks). Once each new person found out it was like a switch flipped. The way people treat you when you are pregnant is so different. It’s like all of a sudden you are a porcelain doll!

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Change Table Hack

Our son Jaxon has measured big from around our 20 week scan haha He has always been a very active baby and absolutely loves to kick his legs like nobody’s business. Including when he is on his change table! Here’s how we modified the change table step by step.

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Coming Back From a Dip in Breast Milk Supply

Last weekend I spent my first night away from Jaxon. It was my sister-in-law’s Hen’s Night and as one of her bridesmaids it was our duty to show her a good time.
I had spent the better part of 2 months loading up the freezer with breastmilk especially for this event. Having pumped between 200-250mLs extra a day to stock the freezer.
That’s why this story is so tragic!

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Healing a Cystocele

Have you just been diagnosed with a cystocele? Do you think you may have one or are you looking for ways to heal one?
This post may help you. I have recently been successful if making a full recovery from this horrid experience myself and wanted to share how I did this.
As a young, healthy and active first-time mum I did NOT expect this to be part of my experience. I am sure that there are many mamas in similar situations. If I can help just one new mum heal their body, I will have spent my time wisely.

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Unique Yet Classic, Baby Names by Letter

We had a fair few baby names when Jaxon was cooking in my belly. We had made the decision not to tell anyone our baby name choice until he was born. The reason being I did not want other’s opinions to sway our decision.
The list here is names that we considered for first and middle names for our little Jaxon Romeo; to get you started in your quest!

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Keto Low Carb, High Protein Pancakes

You may have to cut carbs, eliminate sugar and adhere to a strict macronutrient percentage guide BUT, to say this diet is restrictive? Is just not an accurate representation. Some days I actually struggle to meet my caloric needs and I find myself getting to enjoy a keto treat….

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101 Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, there are so many advocates for the liquid gold. Type it into Google or Pinterest and you will be dished a plethora of recipes and DIY hacks on what to use the stuff for. But, is it really that good? YES! I use coconut oil for almost everything and everyone in my household […]

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Things I Learnt About Myself When I Became Mum

Self-reflection is a wonderful thing. I often reflect on experiences as a way to learn from them and I find the learning that occurs after the fact is sometimes even more profound than the skills learned during the event.
So naturally I have replayed the events leading up to Jaxon being born, how I felt, what my opinions of myself were, what kind of parent I thought I would be.
Then he was born and it all changed! This I can see in how I conduct myself. How I tackle day-to-day challenges and how I react to people and my own inner and outer abilities, appearance, shortfalls and achievements.

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