Anxiety About Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave

Lately I have been riddled with anxiety.
You see, I am going back to work this month after spending 8 months on maternity leave, 7 with my amazing son.
I have made the choice to go back to work before I actually have to financially, and while I am excited to be going back and re-opening this facet of my life again, I can’t help but have this sinking feeling that I am making the wrong decision.

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30 Mom Quotes to Inspire and Motivate Every Mama

Motherhood is one of the most empowering, difficult and most joyous events in a woman’s life.

Here are 30 quotes about motherhood.

For the already-mothers who need a little motivation and inspiration to power through another day; and for the women who need reminding of why they are putting themselves through countless moments of despair and doubt.

Whoever you are, and whatever stage you are at in your motherhood journey.

You got this!

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Quitting Breastfeeding With No Complications

When it was time to give up breastfeeding completely, I pictured a painful experience of engorged breasts, mastitis and a baby who was NOT happy about the change.

I’ve come out on the other end of this journey to tell you that this is not how it has to be!

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30 Things Before Turning 30

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday. Yikes!
And so, I begin the countdown of 365 days until I exit the party which is my 20s and enter the next faze of my life, my 30s!
I have decided to go out of my 20s with a bang and set myself a challenge. 30 things before 30.
I will come back and mark off the things on the list throughout the year.

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Breast Feeding For The Last Time – A Letter To My Son

This morning I cut you off from the bar, kid.
I didn’t know last night that I was going to get up and make this decision. I didn’t know when I woke up to your coos in the other room, or as I stumbled on your daddy’s slippers as I tied my robe on the way to your room.

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Baby’s First Year Time Capsule

As I watch my child grow I cant’t help but think that this fleeting childhood before my eyes is but a moment in time. What is a Time Capsule? A time capsule is a collection of items that encompass an era of time. The idea is to compile items from now, lock them up and […]

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My Natural Birth Story

It has taken me a few months (seven) to digest my experience of childbirth. Now that my body is starting to function properly and I can feel myself getting stronger I think it is time to tell my story.

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Baby Take Over Days

Have you ever experienced a day where your baby just, takes over?? Being a mum blogger is one of those jobs where you really need to be disciplined to factor in time to write, promote and grow your business. That all goes out the window when your baby decides he is going through a leap […]

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The Perfect Gift for the Couple Who Have Everything

Do you have someone in your life who is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for? Like, they have everything already? But they are the kind of people who mean the absolute world to you, but when it comes to buying them gifts you struggle to think of something that encompasses how you feel?

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How to Introduce Baby to your Cat Fur-babies

One of the questions we get a lot is about how our two cats responded to Jaxon when we brought him home. Cats are very territorial creatures. So, how did we introduce Jax to our fur-babies? Read on!

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Bonds Baby Top Picks

It’s not only the designs that have me standing before you an avid Bonds supporter but the pure functionality of the clothes.

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Why We Need to Stop Shaming Mothers Who Formula Feed

I recently posted a question to a Facebook mum’s group about introducing formula to my breastfed baby. The question was about reflux and quantity not about the choice to do so.
I got met with some pretty harsh criticism from ‘breast-is-best’ advocates and it got me thinking. For me it is a choice to wean onto formula so I can eventually go back to work, but for other mums the choice is made for them.

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Transitioning Baby from Bassinet to Cot

While we were nervous about the trip overseas, we decided to use this time away from home to break up his relationship with his bassinet.

If you take anything away from this article its that when it comes to transitioning an infant into their own room/bed it is so important to time your battle.

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