Quitting Breastfeeding With No Complications

When it was time to give up breastfeeding completely, I pictured a painful experience of engorged breasts, mastitis and a baby who was NOT happy about the change.

I’ve come out on the other end of this journey to tell you that this is not how it has to be!

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My Natural Birth Story

It has taken me a few months (seven) to digest my experience of childbirth. Now that my body is starting to function properly and I can feel myself getting stronger I think it is time to tell my story.

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Why We Need to Stop Shaming Mothers Who Formula Feed

I recently posted a question to a Facebook mum’s group about introducing formula to my breastfed baby. The question was about reflux and quantity not about the choice to do so.
I got met with some pretty harsh criticism from ‘breast-is-best’ advocates and it got me thinking. For me it is a choice to wean onto formula so I can eventually go back to work, but for other mums the choice is made for them.

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Healing a Cystocele

Have you just been diagnosed with a cystocele? Do you think you may have one or are you looking for ways to heal one?
This post may help you. I have recently been successful if making a full recovery from this horrid experience myself and wanted to share how I did this.
As a young, healthy and active first-time mum I did NOT expect this to be part of my experience. I am sure that there are many mamas in similar situations. If I can help just one new mum heal their body, I will have spent my time wisely.

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What They Don’t Tell You About Breastfeeding

If you are about to have a baby or recently welcomed a newborn into your world you will likely have thought long and hard about breastfeeding.
Although it is not all skin to skin bonding and staring out the window smiling at the sunset!

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10 Items I Couldn’t Live Without in the First 6 Weeks with Baby

here are lists galore about what you need BEFORE baby is born but what about AFTER baby is born?What do you need to stock up on before baby is born that will get you through the first few weeks, when leaving the house may not be an option?Below is my top 10 items I could not live without in the first 6 weeks with Jaxon.

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Body After Baby – What to Expect

It’s no secret our bodies change SO much when growing a baby. What we talk less about are the changes that happen after baby has left our bodies… and taken all the good stuff with them. 

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