About Me

Hi, I’m Veronika, thanks for stopping by!

After leaving the corporate world and feeling pretty lonely at home, I have found an outlet in writing. This is my little corner of the web to put all my ideas, advice and experiences. Here, you will find tips and tricks that have gotten me through the most incredible experience of becoming a mother. This blog will grow with my son and hopefully blossom into a beautiful resource for new mamas to be.

I recently became a mum to son Jaxon.
The transition from residential estate agent to staying at home and being a mum (and then retransitioning back to work to become a working mama!) has taught me a lot.

Having navigated through pregnancy and motherhood using the internet as a learning tool, I have spent hours surfing every corner of the net, trying to learn everything there is to know about being a parent while pregnant and in the first year of being a mum.

The amount of info and advice that I came across has led me to this venture. A portion of what I have learned as well as adding my own experience is what you will find on this blog.

I have started this blog to help other mums-to-be about everything pregnancy and motherhood related, using my own experience. I write about how you can conquer pregnancy and motherhood like a boss and only discuss methods and recipes that I myself have tried and tested.

My biggest take away message would have to be, “don’t sweat the small stuff” and just “go with the flow” – This is how I parent and this is how I write as well. I hope you will enjoy a REAL mum’s take on pregnancy and parenthood.

Happily married to my husband Alan of 4 years, we have two cats who have definitely prepared us for parenthood with their antics.

Alan works as a warehouse manager full time and so I have had to adjust to being alone most days, having conversations with an infant and enjoying my own company, something that I have always struggled with as someone with a loud inner voice.

Returning to work will surely turn the tables again and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

If you find yourself with info overload trying to figure out what you “SHOULD” do versus what you NEED to do to prepare and care for your baby, I invite you to follow my blog and include me in your epic voyage to motherhood.

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Bonus Facts:

I have a background in Psychology.

I use cooking as a meditation, I love creating one off master-pieces using whatever we have in the fridge.

Savvy, thrifty and a self-confessed tight arse – I will go out of my way to figure out how to fix, cook and create it myself to save a few bucks.

I also enjoy keeping fit and travelling. Oh, and I love everything coffee flavoured.  

I’m looking forward to sharing my newfound mumma-wisdom with you!

Much Love, Veronika Xx

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