Completing the Deck of Milestone Cards

And just like that you have completed the deck of milestone cards.

Cards I added to my registry when I was midway through carrying my firstborn. I shuffled through the deck when I got it home, dreaming about my baby reaching each one.

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Milestones like these…

Jaxon 1 week
1 Week Old
Jaxon 6 months old
6 Months Old
Jaxon Sat up for the first time
Sitting Up for the First Time
Jaxon 1st Birthday
1st Birthday

Each month has brought joy as I took it upon myself to set up photography sessions on each monthaversary. The 11th of each month has been our day. Our day to celebrate another card in the deck, flipped, a sweet message written and placed back in the box for him to read one day.

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One day soon it seems, this year has gone so fast and I only feel time speeding up from here.

It is just the beginning, so why does it feel like the end of an era? The end of my sweet innocent baby boy. Slowly growing into a toddler, how did it happen so fast?

The days are long but the years are short has never rung truer than now.

Any mama who has reached the end of one of these milestone card decks or milestone blankets will know this feeling. The feeling of staring into an abyss and waiting for the next adventure to unfold.

Want a set of your own milestone cards? These are great!

Just completed yours? How did it make you feel? Let me know in the comments below.

Much Love, Veronika Xx


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