What I Have Learned During Lockdown 2020

This morning we were advised by the Victorian State Government that restrictions and effective ‘lockdown’ due to COVID-19 are being eased as of tomorrow 12th May 2020, 12:59pm. With the ability to have up to 5 people in our homes, after 6 weeks of isolation I wanted to reflect. On what I have learned, what I have missed and what I have found I am grateful for during this time of forced-isolation.

Another question, with all the things we are finding out about ourselves, will life really go back to being normal? Will I be back to ‘normal’?

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What I have learned during lock down 2020

Working From Home

I have learned that I am much more (and less) efficient when working from home. Monday morning will and it is full steam ahead.

Then Wednesday afternoon rolls around, and I have lost all motivation. I start watching the clock, wondering how early is too early to go and collect my son from childcare. I’m only working 3 days at the moment due to wage cuts. My week is shorter than my weekend, which is actually not benefiting me mentally at the moment. The distraction of work is welcomed at the moment.

I always dreamed of working from home and how relaxing and productive it would be. But truth be told I actually miss the office and my colleagues.

I’ve had to really hone in on my working hours to make sure I am fulfilling my role. I am learning what does and doesn’t work for me.

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Personal Connections

I have learned who actually cares. There are family that we used to see every couple of weekends, but due to this isolation we have hardly had any contact. The contact has usually been from our end, video-chatting to keep them updated on our son’s progress.

The people we have kept in contact with on a daily basis in normal life have continued to be there for us and vise versa. We are so grateful for these connections.

It’s pretty much confirmed what we always knew about these connections and the close relationships have thrived.

What I have missed during lock down 2020


I do not come from a run of the mill, cookie cutter family. Family gatherings usually take a week of mental preparation to face. Then a week to debrief and digest. To say I was semi-thrilled to have an excuse not to attend the obligatory Easter gathering is an under-statement.

But you know what? I miss those a**holes. This is a by-product from this COVID-19 lockdown that I never saw coming.

I never thought I would miss the triple threat weekend. This is where we house hop between 3 x parent’s houses – ‘doing the rounds’ as we call it. But I am actually looking forward to a bit of commotion… just a little. I’m sure it will wear off haha.


I have missed being able to go to the market on the weekend. To pop out to the shops and not have to plan care for my son. (Because the whole crisis has made me ridiculously paranoid that he will get sick). I miss the spur of the moment decision to go out for to a restaurant or café and enjoy my freedom.

Taking my son to the park. The first time I took Jax for a walk after lock down , the park play equipment was wrapped in hazard tape – a strange sight.

Now Jax was about 3 words into his vocabulary at the time (mama, dada, ta). As we walked past he saw the swings and slide that only 7 days prior he had been playing on. “ka, ka!” he started to yell and point, which I will mama-translate to “park”.

It killed me as we kept walking all the way through, not being able to stop for a play. “Now its effecting my child, its personal,” I thought.

I have been yearning to take Jax to the park as during lock down he has mastered walking. I didn’t realise how much I would miss such a simple activity.

What I have been most grateful for during lock down 2020

Olds and Technology

The day I got a friend request on Facebook from my mum I nearly fainted. “What do you mean she has Facebook?”

I called her and asked if she knew about it; surely she had been hacked? “Yes, aren’t you going to add me as a friend?”

Oh god no.

I never thought that I would be grateful that my mum and mother-in-law are on Facebook. Or that they knew how to work Whatsapp or Facetime.

It’s been a huge help in keeping in touch. For them to see Jax and how he is developing during this time. They have been able to be a part of his recent milestones like walking and talking.

I think overall it has made the whole lockdown experience a lot more bearable and less lonely for them too.

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Ability to Cook and my Keto-buddy <3

I have come across so many memes on social media about people putting on weight during COVID.

I do have to admit that I am coming out of lockdown 7kgs down. This is thanks to keto and my ability to cook. I also have to throw a thank you to Pinterest for all the ideas on how to cook with barely anything in the house.

And a special thank you to my sister-in-law who has stayed strong on the keto journey with me. Our daily encouragement and the odd exchange of baked goods on each other’s doorsteps has helped me really make the most of this time. A time that otherwise would probably be filled with stress-eating donuts.

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My Frugality When it Comes to Beauty-treatments

Another thing I have noticed is people complaining about having their hair and nails go to shit… for lack of a better word. This is due to restrictions and closures on beauty salons. For me this will not be a problem, because I am a tight-arse. Let me explain…

I will be exiting lockdown 2020 with my hair and nails on point. Learning how to do my own salon fresh nails and hair is something I have always taken for granted. With mum as a hairdresser and one of my sisters as a nail tech, I have learned how to ‘groom’ myself years ago. Purely to save money.

Seeing how many people rely on the beauty industry to maintain these things – as well as waxing and eye-lash extensions, and tanning, and botox etc. It has really helped me feel confident and proven to my hubby that I am actually quite a low-maintenance female. Winning!

Final Thoughts

Well I can tell you that this week we will be house-hopping the parents houses, and hopefully soon we can return to our favourite local café for a late brunch.

I won’t be worried about going back to work in the office when the time comes. And for sure I will not be spending the first week out of lockdown at beauty appointments. In fact, I’ll be at the park playing on the swings.

The day-to-day operations of our lives may resume back to what we are comfortable calling normal. However, I don’t believe that our perception of life will be the same. The things we take for granted, or that we hold appreciation for are currently go through a massive shift. It has the power to completely change how we all feel about the world and people around us. For how long? Who knows.

I’ll be grateful for what I have learned during this COVID-19 lockdown for many years to come. I just hope that everyone is able to reflect like this and make the realisation of what is really important in life.

What’s something about lockdown that will impact your post-lockdown lifestyle or routine? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Much Love, Veronika Xx

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