30 Things Before Turning 30

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday. Yikes!

And so, I begin the countdown of 365 days until I exit the party which is my 20s and enter the next faze of my life, my 30s!

I have decided to go out of my 20s with a bang and set myself a challenge. 30 things before 30.

I will come back and mark off the things on the list throughout the year.

IMAGE 30 Things to do before 30 - Bucket List
  1. Move house
  2. Create an income source other than my real-estate career
  3. Travel overseas at least twice – We have planned to go to Bali in March so that’s 1 trip just about ticked off the list, now to spin the globe and see where the finger lands (or look up where’s got cheap flights)
  4. Buy a personal laptop – I have been using my work laptop which I convinced my boss to let me borrow during maternity leave.
  5. Conquer body image goals – Centralized around strength training and muscle toning.
  6. See a psychic – I’m curious to see what comes up now that I have a kid!
  7. Pay off my credit card debt
  8. Learn to read my own tarot cards – Because sometimes you just need a little guidance.
  9. Family road trip – potentially interstate with the bubs and hubby.
  10. Quit smoking… for good – I quit before getting pregnant (un-related) and then recently picked it up again. I’m not proud of it!
  11. Get a colon cleanse
  12. Make peace with my parents – This one might take until my 40s but I’ll give it a go.
  13. Finish my e-book series and start selling online – So many ideas and drafts. I need to really knuckle down this year and get my ideas polished and on the market for you beautiful people!
  14. Colour-in more – I recently got gifted a colouring book which I thought yeah right don’t have time. I started with one page and before I knew it, I finished the whole book cover to cover in one weekend.
  15. Have another baby/get pregnant
  16. Cull all the clutter in my house
  17. Go for more walks
  18. Donate towels and buy dog/cat food for local animal shelter.
  19. Donate blood – Someone really close to me needed blood recently. It’s also something I have wanted to do for years. It’s so important.
  20. Go to a concert – Yep, I’ve never seen any performance live!
  21. Print wedding photos on canvas and hang in house #pinterestgoals
  22. Go camping – Alan bought a heap of camping gear a few years back. Do you think he has taken me camping once?
  23. Go fishing – We did this a couple years ago with my brother and sister in law and it was so much fun. Been talking about doing it again for ages.
  24. Go to the doctor for that thing I’ve been putting off – I’m ok, just need to get it sorted out.
  25. Take a beginner’s yoga class
  26. Go to the shooting range and shoot a real gun
  27. Hit 200,000 words written on my blog – Currently at 61,000 after 8 months.
  28. Climb the Kokoda Memorial 1000 steps
  29. Swim under a waterfall
  30. Plan my 30th birthday party!

Thanks for joining me on this journey <3

Don’ forget to send my some words of encouragement in the comments below!

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I’m setting myself some pretty big goals and I’m going to need all the advice, motivation and encouragement I can get.

Much Love, VV Xx
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