Baby’s First Year Time Capsule

As I watch my child grow I cant’t help but think that this fleeting childhood before my eyes is but a moment in time.

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What is a Time Capsule?

A time capsule is a collection of items that encompass an era of time. The idea is to compile items from now, lock them up and store them somewhere safe. In several years the capsule is opened and serves as a lens into the past.

Since my son was born, I have compiled a keepsake box of items I think he may appreciate one day.

It stands as a time capsule as well as a reminder of how small he was, how life is these days and moments I might forget.

Why make a time capsule for baby’s first year?

Even at 7 months I look at this box and each item elicits feelings I had forgotten. I know this will be a great gift to him one day and the items will help me story-tell his first year.

I hope this post will spark inspiration for your own baby time capsule!

IMAGE time capsule - how to create an everlasting memory of your children - pin this now!

How do I start a first year time capsule?

I started with a plain brown box from the dollar store. I chose to decorate the box with Jaxon’s name but you can really get as fancy as you want. I chose a box over a bag as it is less likely to get lost amongst moving house etc. over the years.

IMAGE A Plain brown box with simple lettering
A Plain brown box with simple lettering.

What belongs in a Baby Time Capsule?

There are so many things you can add. Here is a list and some photos of what we have added so far.

Items from Pregnancy:

Baby Shower and Gender Reveal:

  • Copy of invitations to gender reveal and baby shower parties
  • Posters from gender reveal
  • Cards from baby shower guests
  • Advice cards and weight/height/date guesses from baby shower
  • Onesie from baby shower signed by guests

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  • Collated book of pregnancy photo shoot – I did this DIY and my sister-in-law took the photos!

Medical stuff:

  • Pregnancy record from hospital
  • Ultrasound DVDs that show photos and videos of each ultrasound – if your sonographer does not provide this, film from each ultrasound would work just as well

Letters and Thoughts:

  • Printed copy of pregnancy journal – I wrote letters to him every few weeks from when we found out about him until just before he was born
  • Dream journal from when I was pregnant – I had some very bizarre dreams!
IMAGE Items from pregnancy
Items from pregnancy

Items from Hospital and First Week:

  • Onesie we brought him home in
  • Blanket swiped from the hospital
  • Cards given at birth
  • Paperwork from opening his first bank account – we haven’t decided when to give him access to the account so this box may be a way to do it as well!
  • Hand and foot prints from 1 week old – You can buy a DIY kit here
  • Umbilical cord when it fell off – wrapped in tissue and into a zip-lock bag after drying it out for a few weeks
IMAGE Items from hospital and Jaxon's first week
Items from hospital and Jaxon’s first week

Since Birth:

  • Outfit from newborn photoshoot
  • Collated book of newborn photoshoot
  • First envelope addressed directly to Jaxon Veale (that his passport came in)
  • Left over first passport photos
  • Milestone cards. On the back of each card I have written a note to Jax with where he was developmentally as well as how we felt at that moment in time.

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IMAGE Items collected over the last 7 months
Items collected over the last 7 months

Other items I plan to add:

  • Framed Xmas photo with Santa
  • Christmas Day outfit
  • Cake topper from first birthday
  • 1st birthday cards
  • 1st birthday cake topper
  • Lock of hair from his first haircut
  • Letter to Jax on his first birthday from myself and hubby
  • His comforter once he gives it up
  • Some of his favourite toys
  • A pacifier
  • His sippy cup
  • Baby spoon

What if my child is already older and I didn’t keep a lot of stuff from their first year?

It’s never too late to start something like this. The inspiration is sentimentality which when raising children can be found all around you.

My plan is to create another one when he starts kindergarten through primary school of his artworks, milestones and handwriting progression.

My husband has also started a vlog (unpublished) about what is going on in our lives at any given moment. He plans to show these to Jaxon when he is older. He’s been doing these ad hoc since we met.

Final Thoughts

Have you attempted a time capsule for your children?

What other ideas could we use to try and hold onto the memory of our growing children?

Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love, VV Xx  


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  1. My father wrote me a letter on my first birthday and gave it to me when I turned 21. It was really special. I wouldn’t keep cards from birthdays or events unless people wrote a special note inside. Otherwise these are great ideas! We need sentimental people in the world.

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