Baby Take Over Days

Have you ever experienced a day where your baby just, takes over??

Being a mum blogger is one of those jobs where you really need to be disciplined to factor in time to write, promote and grow your business.

That all goes out the window when your baby decides he is going through a leap or just didn’t sleep well last night.

Today I had planned a whole day dedicated to blogging. I factored in Jaxon’s mid-morning 2 hour nap, this was going to be my writing time.

Then I would create pins and promote my shiny new post in his afternoon nap.

HAHAHA yep not happening today!

Jax was up at the crack of dawn, refused a nap and god-forbid I try and put him in the bouncer or down anywhere for that matter.

So, the result?

Lying here on the floor with dear son, staring into his sunshine face while he grabs onto my nose, playschool playing on the telly in the background.

IMAGE  Can't pretend I don't LOVE how much he needs me today.
Can’t pretend I don’t LOVE how much he needs me today.

I can’t say that I don’t love that he needs me today. I am acutely aware that in a few years he is going to want to do anything but cuddle and nap on the couch with me.

So today, I am just enjoying this precious moment and have even managed to grab my laptop while I sit on the floor with him in the lounge, just long enough to type this little nugget.

Have you ever experienced a take over day? Where your little one decided that they needed you MORE than the housework, your job, tonight’s dinner or any phone calls?

I’d love to hear from you and how you deal with these little speed humps.

Much Love VV, Xx


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