The Perfect Gift for the Couple Who Have Everything

Do you have someone in your life who is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for? Like, they have everything already? But they are the kind of people who mean the absolute world to you, but when it comes to buying them gifts you struggle to think of something that encompasses how you feel? What is the best thing to give the couple who have everything?

This is how I feel about my brother and sister in law. They are basically me and hubby’s best mates. They recently got married in Bali and have been travelling the world for the last 8 weeks.

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They are due back in a few days so you would have thought that we have had a huge amount of time (if you include their 2-year engagement) to think of the perfect gift. Well it’s not for lack of trying!!

They have a beautiful home with all the trimmings, and anything that we would consider buying them just doesn’t seem to cut it. This is not saying that they are ungrateful for anything that we get them but purchasing materialistic items just doesn’t feel right.

We wanted to get them something that they wouldn’t or couldn’t get for themselves. A voucher for travel? They have just done all that.

A voucher or gift card for hot air ballooning? Hmm I don’t think she likes heights… plus a voucher, money or gift card screams cop out.

We are practical people. We like to gift items that people need, will use or wouldn’t buy themselves. But when it comes to my in-laws it makes it really hard when they have been together for nearly 10 years and already have all the basic homeware kind of stuff you would traditionally get newlyweds.

Still, we wanted to get them a gift that they would remember and that screamed thoughtful.

the perfect gift for the couple who already have everything. free printable tags

So, what to do?

Well, I came across this idea years ago and I have used it when moving house every time.

The idea is that when you first walk in the door of a new home you should bring 4 essential items as an offering/blessing for your new space.

They are as follows:

  • Bread – so you never go hungry
  • Wine – so you never go thirsty
  • Salt – so your life is always seasoned
  • Chocolate (or sugar) – so your life is always sweet

I decided that this would be the best token gift for my brother-in-law and new sister.

But they have lived in their home for about 5 years now, so I wanted to build on this idea as them entering their NEW home for the FIRST TIME as MR and MRS.

I built on the theme of the first 4 items and changed the wording, adding ‘In Your New Life Together’

I added the items to a hamper and made tags for each item as follows:

  • Bread sticks – May you never go hungry
  • Wine – May you never go thirsty
  • Gourmet Himalayan rock salt – May your life always be seasoned
  • Box of chocolates – so your life is always sweet

I also added these new tokens:

  • A lush throw blanket – may you always keep each other warm
  • A scented candle – may you always see the light
  • Lotto scratchies – may you always remember how lucky you are to have each other
  • Tickets to a comedy show – may you always make each other laugh
  • A photo block from the wedding – may you live happily ever after

We added a few other bits and pieces as well:

  • More sweets
  • Crackers to go with the wine
  • I had a Mr and Mrs Veale sign made as we have one ourselves that we keep in our hallway and I know that my sister-in-law will be thrilled to have a matching one, now that she is a Veale officially!
  • A set of Mr and Mrs mugs
  • A couple of heart shaped bath bombs
  • A burnt wooden sign that we got made in Bali where they got married
  • A box of shortbread

This is how the final product looked:

lotto ticket
gourmet salt
final product

I chose to go with a red theme to showcase LOVE in all its glory. I found a light up sign that came with letters so I could write the message ‘welcome home lovers xoxo’ but you could pretty much write whatever you wanted!

Do you think that this would be something you would like to gift someone close to you? It does make for a great housewarming gift as well as a honeymoon welcome back gift!

Our box filled up pretty quickly but here are some other things to add into your gift hamper:

  • A plant – may your love for each other always grow
  • Tools (hammer, spanner etc.) – may you always work to on your relationship
  • Wooden tissue box – may you always dry each other’s tears
  • CD of their favourite music or matching head phones – may your life always be filled with music
  • Pen and paper – may you always communicate your feelings
  • Luxury pillow cases or sheet set – may you always rest easy knowing you have each other
  • Clock – May you always have time for each other

I printed them colour and then mounted them onto some red card for extra wow factor, a simple white ribbon I found in my craft box was fine to tie them onto the items but you can use pretty much any string that matches your theme.

You can also try printing them straight onto colored paper or onto some nice Kraft paper too.

I’d love to see a photo of your final product so don’t forget to PIN this post and pop back later to show me how you went!

Much Love, Veronika Xx

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