Bonds Baby Top Picks

Since Jax was born I have clothed him (sometimes head to toe) in Bonds Babywear. I am also grateful that one of my colleagues had a baby girl about 6 weeks after me. I couldn’t pass up on the gorgeous designs that Bonds keeps coming up with and so I was lucky enough to enjoy shopping the blue and pink designs <3

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It’s not only the designs that have me standing before you an avid Bonds supporter but the pure functionality of the clothes.

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Then there is the love for cotton (especially with a baby who has eczema and reacts to anything else!) and also the longevity and easy laundering that makes every new mama’s life so much easier.

Right now Amazon has some amazing Bonds clothing on sale and so I thought what better time to share my top picks for babies?

Here are my top picks for Bonds Babywear and why!

Bonds Baby Top Picks

The Wondersuit 

I don’t even know where to start with this one! Bonds must have sat down with a bunch of REAL mamas and asked, ‘how can we make your life easier?’ because they NAILED IT!

  • Cozy cuffs on hands and feet – say goodbye to socks and mittens that just get lost or kicked off; or kicked off and lost!
  • Double zip – just changing a nappy? No worries this onesie has got you mama, just zip from the foot to the waist and do the needful, no need to get baby completely naked on a cold day just to change a nappy – genius
  • Stretchy – these last AGES (literally), where you would normally have to size up these suits stretch so you actually save money buying these. Even at 6 months old my 65cm baby has not fully grown out of his 000 Bonds Wondersuits – what the? He is a 0 in every other brand right now. I have size 0 Bonds Wondersuits lined up ready for him, at this rate he will be wearing them until he’s 5years old.
  • The Designs! They are just too cute and you will never get bored of the bright and beautiful colours and designs.
  • Here are a few of my favourites for you!

Stretchies Leggings

  •  These are great because they well, stretch! They are easy to get on and off baby unlike standard trackpants which have no stretch and can be a pain when baby is all arms and legs!
  • They also wash and dry really easily and retain their gorgeous designs
  • The gorgeous designs! Who wants black (or white eek!) pants for a baby? Bring on the colours and patterns please! Here are a few of my favourites <3

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Baby Cotton Vest (5 Pack)

These are the best baby singlets on the market. Why?

  • They are loooong. Jaxon was a big baby and so he was growing out of size 000 pretty quickly (like 2 months). But not his Bonds singlets! They are long so when baby grows a little wider you are not forced to upsize right away. They last longer and they come in a 5pk, which is all you need to get you started!
  • They wash very well and hold colour. No running or fading (yes even the dark blue when washed with white clothing – talking from experience!)

Bonds Baby Logo Quarter Crew Socks (2 Pack)

They’re just socks I hear you say, how different could Bonds socks be to a standard pair of infant socks from Kmart or Target? A lot, OK!?

  • Well just one thing in particular. These socks don’t fall off. Like ever. The elastic on the ankle is just the right amount to stay on baby’s feet and not cut off circulation as well.
  • You will SAVE money buying this product! You won’t be replacing odd socks every few weeks because they Don’t. Fall. Off… Ok I think I’ve made my point.
  • They also have rubber soles for extra grip and come in cute colours. Ok I’m done.

Bonds Baby Long Sleeve Bodysuit (2 Pack)

These are great for a few reasons (sensing a pattern yet?)

  • Envelope neckline allows you to take the bodysuit off your child without going over his or her head. Why is this good? Well imagine bubs has had a bit of an accident (because they will, a lot) and you don’t want to get poop all over your baby’s face (aren’t you a good mama) well you can simply take baby’s arms out of the top of the shirt and pull the bodysuit down and off without making more of a mess than you are already dealing with.
  • Not that you need another point but these bodysuits also have snap-close buttons at the crotch which will stop the shirt from riding up when you continually pick your baby up under his/her arms. Bonds really has thought of everything.

Bonds Women’s Underwear Maternity Hidden Support Singlet

You didn’t think this was going to be a post ALL about baby, did you?

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This maternity top was my go-to just about every-day of my pregnancy. Now that I am breastfeeding it is still a staple in my wardrobe for sure.

  • Soft cotton keeps you warm and cool as required
  • Easy access to the tatas for feeding child
  • Extra give in the tummy area which flatters you both when pregnant and not.
  • Large size range 12B-18E

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! My top picks for Bonds Babywear. Do you love Bonds Baby as well? What’s your favourite Bonds product that you can’t live without? Don’t forget to comment below!

Much Love, Veronika Xx


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