Transitioning Baby from Bassinet to Cot

With a 6 foot husband and myself measuring a cool 5”6 we knew that our ‘little’ Jax would one day tower over us. We weren’t expecting at just 4 months old he would creep into the 75th percentile for his age and measure a whopping 66cm!!

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Here is our little champ in his bassinet on the day we brought him home from the hospital

IMAGE Day 1 with little Jax. This was my old bassinet as a baby #familyheirloom
Day 1 with little Jax. This was my old bassinet as a baby #familyheirloom

And again, 4.5 months later on the morning I realized just how long he was getting.

IMAGE 4.5 months old - check out his leg hanging out the side haha!
4.5 months old – check out his leg hanging out the side haha!

This was his last night sleeping in his bassinet and in our room.

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transitioning baby from bassinet to cot - tips to make the move successful!

At 4.5 months we were gearing up to go on our first family trip to Bali. Alan’s brother was getting married and we were so thrilled to be included in their bridal party. In fact, even little Jax was crowned with the very important task of ring bearer at his uncle and aunties wedding.

A job he took very seriously.

Due for a nap but held out to deliver the rings to his Best Man daddy at Uncle Peter and Auntie Sarah’s wedding <3

While we were nervous about the trip overseas, we decided to use this time away from home to break up his relationship with his bassinet.

While overseas we had a pack and play as a bed for little Jax but given its proximity to the ground and my unwillingness to keep cranking my back to place him back after his night feed, he spent most nights nestled between myself and some pillows in our enormous super king bed.

If you take anything away from this article its that when it comes to transitioning an infant into their own room/bed it is so important to time your battle.

If you take anything away from this article its that when it comes to transitioning an infant into their own room/bed it is so important to time your battle.


We prepared not only the cot and nursery for our arrival but also the connotation of what the cot meant to Jax.

Previously we would place him in his cot for a play, tummy time or simply when we needed to put him somewhere safe while we ducked to the loo or answered the door.

We stopped this a week before we left and I really do believe that this is what helped him transition so smoothly on night 1.

Tips Before You Depart

  • Remove all toys, blankets etc. from cot and make safe to sleep
  • Cease any playtime in cot

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While Away

While we were away, I had planned to be strict with where Jax was to sleep. I had hired a bassinet that I had planned to use and promised myself I would ensure that he would sleep only here.

That went out the window on day 1 when I noticed how colourful this particular pack and play bassinet was and how distracted he was in the night by the mosquito net on it.

I also had my own selfish reasons for letting him co-sleep on our holiday.

I knew that when we got home, I would be sharing a bedroom with just my husband once more. Something that we had not done for nearly 5 months since we brought Jax home from the hospital.

I would miss the cooing and smiling in the morning and the easily accessible cuddles when I would get up, walk 2 steps and pull Jax into bed with me for a snooze and a feed.

As much as I knew that he would no longer be able to sleep in his bassinet and that the cot would not fit in our bedroom I would miss him so close.

I figured being on holidays he was out of sorts anyways and so decided I would deal with whatever steps backwards we were potentially taking; and just enjoy the closeness of my baby as he fell asleep with ease in our bed.

On Return

We had set up the baby monitor before we left, there were no toys in the cot and he had fresh blankets, a new lovey (kind of a cot-warming gift). We were ready when we walked in the door at 7am after our 8hr commute from sunny Denpasar.

Jax was fast asleep in the baby car seat so, I decided that this was my chance to start the transition.

I carefully lifted him out of his seat and into the cot, he barely woke and I snuck out of the room, feeling accomplished.

He had both his naps that day in the cot no problems. I was still dreading bedtime as he was so used to the bassinet and our room. He had learned the room and actually would grizzle when I took him in there, knowing he was getting put to bed. He liked to stay up and party like his dad haha.

The First Night

We went through our regular bedtime routine and then it was time to put him in bed.

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I dimmed the lights in the nursery and placed him in the cot, slowly backing out of the room. No objections for about 15 minutes.

Then it began.

It took several attempts from myself and Alan to re-settle Jax and eventually he fell into a deep sleep.

We went to bed around 1am. I climbed into bed, took one look at the empty bassinet and burst into tears. It just didn’t feel the same!

I guess no one really talks about the parent’s having to transition just as much as the baby in these scenarios.

I was also terrified that I would not hear Jax wake up. I slept very lightly. I was awoken 3hrs later thinking something was wrong, but it was only the cat meowing to go outside.

I checked on Jax, fast asleep, and yes, still breathing.

In fact, he slept for a total of 8 hours until 7am.

I woke up engorged as he was used to waking up at least once in the night!

I figured it was a fluke but alas the next night and the next after that he managed to sleep all the way through without a peep.

Final Thoughts

I think the main things to take away from this account is that a change in routine really does help these kinds of transitions. Jaxon probably has no recollection of the bassinet having spent a week in Bali, different climate, different surroundings, even different people! I.E much more time with family on a daily basis and late nights out for dinner as well.

Having stopped any association with playtime in the cot also helped as he straight away caught on that the cot is for sleep time.

He now looks at the cot when we walk into the nursery and squirms if he is not tired just like he used to with the bedroom where the bassinet was.

I also think that if you are planning to transition like this to make sure not only baby is ready but that you are too!

I really didn’t expect myself to get so emotional about this change and surprised myself when I did.

Have you transitioned your infant into a new room? How did it go? I’d love to hear from you.

Much Love, Veronika Xx


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