Change Table Hack

Our son Jaxon has measured big from around our 20 week scan haha

Well maybe not that early but he did hit the 75th percentile for length at 66cm at just 4 months old!

He has always been a very active baby and absolutely loves to kick his legs like nobody’s business.

Including when he is on his change table!

Now we have a chest of draws with a change table topper (like this one) and so while there is a thin mattress on the top, the wooden frame of the topper quickly became a cause for tears and agony for both Jaxon and us as he insisted on kicking the hard edge of the topper.

At 4.5 months he was also learning to shuffle backwards on his back and would sometimes kick so hard that his head would tap the opposite lip of the topper if we weren’t holding onto his flailing arms and legs while trying to wrestle a nappy on him.

That’s not a small change table! It’s a long baby!

Now, one solution we considered was to completely remove the topper and just keep the mattress but its ability to simply slide off the chest of draws meant that that just wasn’t an option for obvious safety reasons.

So, why not just change him somewhere else? Well, we have a pretty neat little set up at his changing station and with the poo explosions that I know my little Jax is capable of (hello, breastfed baby!) I wasn’t keen to change him on our bed.

The cats also get too friendly when Jax is on the floor and I don’t have the best 29 year old back going around.

So, what to do?

Then it hit me… Pool Noodles

Huh? Those coloured foam noodles that you float on in the pool?

Yep, pool noodles!

Here’s how we modified the change table step by step:

Step 1 – Aquire pool noodle
Step 2 –
Mark out on noodle width of table
Step 3 – Cut noodle to size
Step 4 – Cut noodle length ways
Step 5 – Attach to change table
Step 6 – Happy bubba!

And there you have it!

Jax can now kick his feet as much as he wants with no tears or injury.

Final thoughts

Do you have a long baby as well? Have you had to think on your feet like this? I’d love to hear about your ideas on DIY baby mum hacks in the comments below!

Much Love, VV Xx

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