Unique Yet Classic, Baby Names by Letter

We had a fair few baby names when Jaxon was cooking in my belly. We had made the decision not to tell anyone our baby name choice until he was born. The reason being I did not want other’s opinions to sway our decision.

Funnily enough my colleagues at work (one whom was also pregnant at the time) made a game of trying to guess my baby name (as I did hers) and without knowing it we guessed each other’s baby names, how’s that for in sync?!

That being said we do want more children (yes plural) and so the quest for names will commence again at some point.

The list here is names that we considered for first and middle names for our little Jaxon Romeo; to get you started in your quest!

unique yet classic baby names by letter


A             Adam, Andre, Arnold

B             Benjamin, Bobby, Billy

C             Caiden, Cale, Cody

D             Dylan, David, Dax

E              Elliott, Ethan, Elroy

F              Fillip, Felix, Flynn

G             Guy, Grayson, Gray

H             Hudson, Harrison, Hayden

I               Isaiah, Isaac, Isai

J              Jeremy, Jay, Jai

K             Kai, Kayden, Kalani

L              Leonardo, Lane, Lennox

M            Mason, Maddox, Matteus

N             Nathan, Neo, Nikolai

O             Orlando, Oliver, Oz

P             Philip, Pax, Pheonix

Q             Quentin, Quinn, Quay

R             Roy, River, Romeo

S              Samuel, Sebastian, Sonny

T              Tyson, Tyler, Tate

U             Usher, Udo, Uzi

V             Vincent, Victor, Vaughan

W            Wiley, Wyatt, Wynn

X             Xander, Xylander, Xadrian

Y              Yakiya, Yogi, York

Z              Zack, Zachariah, Zane

baby boy names A-Z


A             Amber, Amelia, Alessia

B             Billy, Bonny, Bobbie

C             Chelsey, Cara, Chloe

D             Dalilah, Dakota, Drew

E              Eleanor, Elodie, Emily

F              Fiona, Finlay, Fallon

G             Genevieve, Giselle, Gwen

H             Harley, Hayley, Harper

I               Ilana, Imogen, Ivy

J              Jada, Jaqueline, Jody

K             Kayley, Kayla, Kimberley

L              Lacey, Laila, Lexia

M            Mikalya, Mahala, Maia

N             Nalani, Naomi, Nixie

O             Odelia, Oliana, Odette

P             Piper, Payton, Penelope

Q             Quinn, Qiana, Quay

R             Riley, Riya, Riki

S              Sadie, Skyler, Sienna

T              Tamika, Tiani, Trixie

U             Uma, Udaya, Unice

V             Venice, Verity, Violet

W            Winter, Wren, Willow

X             Xena, Xoey, Xyliah

Y              Yasmin, Yana, Yvette

Z              Zoey, Zahara, Zelia

baby girl names A-Z

After all that we decided on the initials JR because it can be shortened to Junior as a nickname and more specifically JR Veale – being the first grandson of Alan’s family we thought this was quite fitting!

Referenced, it will be written as ‘Veale, JR’ which is nice. We also called the little seed in my belly Junior until he was born!

We also decided on the spelling with an X as we liked the name Jackson but did not like the shortened nickname of Jack and decided that his nickname should be Jax.

We wanted to have a classic yet not to common name and came up with the above list.

Most of these names we either had in our head already or we came across them while flipping through Kinder.

I really recommend you check out Kinder. Like Tinder but for baby names!

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Simply swipe left or right on names that pop up and link with your partner on names that you both match with. A great way to come up with a shortlist of names that you both like.

Give this one a go, even if it is just to browse through different names you may not have considered.

How did you come up with your baby’s name? Did you get it from an App like Kinder? Did it come to you in a dream? Or did you use one of these old-school books?

I’d love to hear your unique yet classic baby names!

And don’t forget to pin this for later

Much Love, VV Xx

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