10 Items I Couldn’t Live Without in the First 6 Weeks with Baby

What do you need to stock up on before baby is born? Stuff that will get you through the first few weeks, when leaving the house may not be an option? Below is my top 10 items I could not live without in the first 6 weeks with baby Jaxon.

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For Mum


This is one of the most amazing products on the planet. It can be applied as a toner to your face before moisturizer, under your boobs to stop pimples forming due to sweat, as a soother on itchy shaving rash and as a toner for inner thigh blemishes. For me it was the application on my labia, stitches and rectum that got me through (TMI I know…).

After each shower I would line up 4-5 make up remover pads on the bathroom basin and squirt witch-hazel on them all, one for each area of my body from head to tail – literally. It instantly stops itching and stinging as well as taking away that horrible post-partum odor.

Fiber Supplement

If you are planning a vaginal childbirth then you will want to stockpile this stuff well before you go into labor. Not only can it relieve constipation during your third trimester, it will be your best friend well after bubs is born. I use Metamucil but there are several brands out there that will do the trick.

I have to thank this product for making my first few weeks bearable after 3.8kg Jaxon left me with second degree tearing. Needless to say, a high fiber diet was extremely important but not something that was always achievable in my sleep deprived state.

Oat Bars

Breast-feeding hunger is real! Waking to feed baby at night can screw with your metabolism. Suddenly you are hungry at 11pm or 4am! Because these are not traditional meal times your hunger kind of like when bubs wants a top up feed. Oat or muesli bars are great for this. Not only do they satisfy that hunger, oats are notorious for promoting breast-milk production. See my favourite lactation recipes HERE

Stash these at your nursing station and in your bedside table for when you need to put something in your belly. Remember to always keep water near your nursing stations also as sometimes thirst can be disguised as hunger. Water is a really important part of breast-milk production.

Phone Apps

With so much to keep track of with a new baby, when did they eat, poop, play, bath last?? My trusty phone apps were a savior. I would literally wake up in the morning and check what times we got up to feed because I actually could not remember. Broken sleep is horrible for consolidating memories so short-term memory loss is pretty normal (baby brain anyone?).  Even something as small as remembering which breast you fed from last can be a challenge when you have not had enough sleep.

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Microwave Steraliser

Why take an hour to do something you can do in 4 minutes?? This was clearly the thinking behind the development of microwave steralisers. I absolutely LOVE mine. It makes this tiresome, fiddly task so easy. No need for pots of boiling water or having to watch the stove and baby at the same time.

Just wash items with hot soapy water and stack in the steraliser. Add the required amount of water and pop in the microwave for 4-5 minutes (depending on the wattage of your microwave) and walk away! Come back to sterile bottles and binkies!

For Baby

White Noise Maker

You need this! We have had THIS on every night since Jax was born. There are 4 different sounds, 3 volume settings and a night light. But, by far the best feature is the cry sensor.

This little plush owl will continue to make noise for 20 minutes and if bubs is settled it will turn itself off. Then, if baby stirs or cries (or hubby snores) the cry sensor will detect this and the noise will resume, settling baby back to sleep without any action from yourself.

In our smaller sized house we didn’t need a baby monitor with this running. We would set it to the lullaby mode and we knew while we were watching tv the music started, baby had stirred and we would only need to pop our heads into the room to check everything was ok, which it always was. This little beauty even helped me get back to sleep in between feeds – white noise works for everyone.


with more waking hours at three weeks old, Jax just didn’t want to day nap. Three days passed of fussy Jax not wanting to be put down but not wanting to be worn in the Fornessi because of the warm summer weather – catch22.

Then one day Alan’s mum (who works in the mother baby unit at the local hospital) came over and managed to put him to sleep in 5 minutes flat! How did she do it? By rocking Jax in his rocker. As new parents we were in awe!

She explained that babies like being rocked because it allows them to feel their whole bodies from the vibrations. It also reminds them of being in the womb with the constant movement. Some days it was the only thing that settled him, even when he was hysterical, just keep rocking and he would soon calm down.

Face Washers

This is a pretty simple one. You will go through a ridiculous amount of these on a daily basis. I store them in every room of the house as you never know when baby is going to spit up; and they are more absorbent (and environmentally friendly) than tissues or paper towel.

Bonus tip: buy two colours, one for feeding and one for bath-time.

Activity Play Mat

Having somewhere other than the change table or your chest to do tummy time is really important for baby’s development. These are great so you do not have to put baby on the dirty floor.

Get one with dangly toys and a few that make noise to draw baby’s attention when they are on their back as well. Get down on the floor with bubs and bond with baby to help their development.

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Coconut Oil

Unfortunately, Jaxon got his dad’s sensitive skin. He would flare up with baby acne which was exacerbated with the warm weather and a horrid bout of heat rash all over his tiny body. We found that a beast-milk bath (using left over pumped milk from the day before) was the best thing, followed by a coconut oil massage. I recommend THIS product as it is specially formulated to heal and does not have the strong smell that most coconut oils have, it also doesn’t go hard which is a plus. 

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Final Thoughts

These are the items that I found huge value in during my post-partum period. They helped me manage the amazing adjustment that is becoming a first time mum!

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What items couldn’t you live without when you had your baby? I’d love to hear from you!

And don’t forget to pin the below info-graphic for later when you are prepping for your baby’s arrival!

10 items to survive the first six weeks with baby
*for mum*
- fibre suppliment
- witch-hazel
- oatbars
- phone apps
- microwave steralizer

*for baby*
- white noise maker
- rocker
- face washers
- activity play mat
- coconut oil

Much Love, Veronika Xx

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