5 Phone Apps You Need for Pregnancy and Beyond

Addicted to technology? Yep, me too. So when I had Jaxon this just amplified!

There is no doubt that we are in a technologically dependent society. Without devices in hand we almost would not be able to interact with today’s society. Would you be able to hold a job, keep in touch with friends and family? Maybe, but it would be a challenge.

The addiction goes beyond entertainment and has morphed into reliance on applications (apps) to keep us organized, accountable and sane.

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During conception, pregnancy and childbirth (and beyond) there is a lot of variables added to our already hectic lives. Keeping up with deadlines while trying to track symptoms can be daunting which is why I found myself searching for apps to help me juggle my changing lifestyle. I discuss which ones I found most useful here.

5 Phone Apps You Need for Pregnancy and Beyond


When Alan and I decided to start trying for a baby I did what I always do and I researched the shit out of how to do it the RIGHT way, yep if I was going to get pregnant, I was going to be in control of the whole experience and plan it all to a T. I downloaded a few different period and ovulation trackers and this is the one I found the most useful.

The upside:

This application allowed me to log everything! From my periods, to symptoms and basal body temperature and even when I had sex! All in the hopes of lining up the perfect conception ‘miracle.’

The interface is user friendly with a calendar showing your period date and the application’s calculated ovulation date. By far the best feature is the insights tab which holds a heap of useful articles on conception and pregnancy related topics. There are also surveys where you can answer a few questions and the result at the end tells you where you sit on the scale to normal. Of course, it doesn’t replace a visit to your GP if you think something is out of whack but its nice to know that I’m considered normal in the eye of the average woman.

The downside:

I was obsessed with this app. I was certain that as long as I logged everything, I would get pregnant in the first month of trying… Yep, that failed! After 3 months of measuring my basal body temperature and obsessing over my ovulation dates and when I should have sex etc. I started getting frustrated that it wasn’t happening like I had envisioned it. 1 emotional breakdown later we decided to give it a break… and just like that I fell pregnant the following month.

This probably speaks to how I am as a person more than the effectiveness of the application but I would still recommend the app. In a world where it is really easy to become out of touch with what is happening with your body it is nice to feel like you are in control and know what is happening with symptoms etc. I also really enjoyed the insights feature as part of my daily app checks over coffee. It also meant that when I did fall pregnant, I knew exactly what to look for and was able to count back to my last period to the exact date to figure out Jaxon’s due date.

The Bump

This mobile app version of the website thebump.com is an interactive application that focuses on stage-by-stage pregnancy tracking. Simply pop in your baby’s due date and off you go. New articles everyday in sync with when you are experiencing them.

The upside:

This app made me feel like what I was going trough was normal and also gave me insight into what to expect next. Fun comparisons of the size of your unborn baby to various food items as well as the 3D imaging of developing baby.

By far the best function is the Real Answers section. Ask and answer questions and read answers to other’s questions. With both regular mums and experts answering, you get a valuable tool to use when you are stressing about new symptom’s normalcy.

I really got a lot of value and still use it long after I gave birth as there is still great info each day on my growing baby too.

The downside:

I am located in Australia and a lot of the members are in America. The units are in pounds and inches so I found myself having to convert to grams and centimeters.

The registry function is only usable for stores in America so I wasn’t able to use this.

Overall these were not a huge deal but it would be awesome if the Bump considered adding zoning to this feature for it to be able to be used internationally.

Baby Tracker

Exactly as the name describes: Log your baby’s feedings, nappy changes, play time, bath time and sleep.

Also track weight, height, head circumference, your pumping sessions, health appointments and add photos of progress. Complete with graphing and charts of baby’s progress.

The upside:

Very comprehensive in what it covers. There is a spot for everything which is great as there is no need for a baby journal by your bed. I mean, your phone is attached to you already so it just makes sense!

This app is great when having to remember to feed baby, when you can’t remember the last time you saw a poo in his nappy, or which boob you fed from last; or how many mLs of formula you gave him last feed.

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The midwives who came and visited us when we were home from the hospital were super impressed when I handed them my phone to scroll through the last 48 hours with baby and make their notes.

The app also graphs your progress so you can see the results of your baby’s development over a period of time.

I used this dutifully the first 5 weeks of Jaxon’s time at home. After that we were into a pretty good groove (we were lucky to have him sleeping 8hr nights by 4 weeks old).

I still jump on and use it when our routine is interrupted (by an event where we have to leave the house, have a lot of visitors etc.).

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The downside:

Picking up my phone every time I breastfed meant that I ended up on Facebook or Instagram or messenger and not engaging with the beautiful moment of feeding my baby. I noticed this more when I stopped using the app and realized how long I had spent on my phone, distracted.

Also having to yell out to hubby to pass me my phone when I had already latched on because it was in another room frustrated both of us a little.


Food and Exercise tracking App for YOU. With all the baby tracking you have probably forgotten a few meals here and there. This is to be expected in the early days of parenthood but if you are breastfeeding then you really need to keep up your calorie intake to ensure healthy supply.


Ability to log everything you eat and set reminders to eat as well. Discuss with your GP what your ideal calorie intake is while breastfeeding for your weight and height and enter it into the app. You can also log exercise once you have clearance from your doctor.

This is less about logging calories and more to make sure you are getting a balance of proteins and healthy fats as it can be really easy to live on toast and coffee those first few days with baby.

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Remembering to log your food can get tiresome when sometimes you are lucky to be able to scoff down a meal in between feeds.

If you think you may be prone to becoming obsessed with counting calories then steer clear of this app. You do not want to restrict your calories below 1800 daily while you are breastfeeding.

If you are looking to lose weight specifically while you are still breastfeeding then consult with your doctor or a nutritionist. Otherwise using this app later down the track for weight-loss purposes definitely has its benefits when used combined with healthy diet and exercise.

Tiny beans

Jaxon was born into a family of 3 grandmothers, 2 grandfathers, 5 Aunties, 3 uncles and 2 cousins. Now, this is not huge compared to some families but for Alan and myself it quickly got difficult trying to make sure everyone was updated on Jaxon’s progress.


This app is like a private Instagram and will save you annoying your Facebook friends! You simply add in all the family members you want to have access and they download the app. You can upload photos, videos and ‘status updates’ for the whole family to see. There is capability for you to give other family members permission to post photos – we decided to remain the only ones with this permission. Everyone can comment and leave hearts for each post though.

The photos display in a calendar like screen so you can see the exact date that the photos were taken and also document milestones this way too. It’s a great place to have the thousands of photos you are sure to take of bubs.

The best part is you can show off your baby’s progress to the family without posting photos to public social media.


There are none! Our family just loves seeing Jaxon’s progress and getting the weekly flashback emails as well.

Bonus just for Fun:


Like Tinder but for baby names! Simply swipe left or right on names that pop up and link with your partner on names that you both match with. A great way to come up with a shortlist of names that you both like.

I had a hard time getting Alan involved in the task of naming Jaxon. He kept coming up with joke names (insisting on Bob or Bobalina for a girl…) or tearing apart the names I suggested by trying to find inappropriate rhymes for each name, promptly ruining them in his path!

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So give this one a go, even if it is just to browse through different names you may not have considered.

Final Thoughts

I have no shame in how much I rely on my phone and technology to function in every aspect of my life. I am sure there are many mummas out there that are in the same boat. Are you one of them? If you are, I would love to hear from you! I am always looking for new apps to download and try! Leave a comment below or shoot me an email!

Much Love, Veronika Xx


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