Delicious Lactation Recipes… That You Will Actually Have Time to Make

Want to increase your milk supply but don’t have hours to slave away in the kitchen baking cookies or hand making vegan, low GI, keto muesli bars?? Yeh, me either. If you want delicious lactation recipes that you will actually have time to make, read on!

Unfortunately breast milk isn’t always as copious as we expect and we need to give our bodies a little boost to up our supply.

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Googling ‘increase milk supply’ returns a ridiculous result of high maintenance, shopping-list bloating, and complicated recipes. It doesn’t have to be like this! Here are a few gems I have developed to help increase your supply as well as decrease your time in the kitchen.

I have formulated these quick and easy recipes based on my lack of time and self-control. There is no way a batch of cookies would last very long in my house!

There are several main foods that are well known for promoting breast milk. These ingredients are high in protein, calcium and galactagogues. Here I will focus on three main ones, although these recipes can be altered to add in other milk promoting ingredients for an even better result.


Any kind is good for your supply and oats are very easy to incorporate into your diet. But, if you can’t bear the thought of boring oats for brekky every morning, I’ve got you sorted.

Brewer’s yeast

This is actually an ingredient in making beer, so put down your phone and crack open a cold one… if only! Alcohol will actually reduce your milk supply as well as contaminate it and in excess, can turn it green! So, hold off on the alcoholic bevvies for now and head to your local health food store for some powdered yeast instead!

THIS Brewer’s Yeast from Lotus is what I use and it’s great!

Flax (Linseed)

These tiny seeds are great for keeping you regular as well as increasing your milk supply. I’ll show you how to get these little wonders into your diet.

These three main ingredients plus a few staples from your pantry and we are good to go. But for the adventurous mums out there:

Other foods said to be good for breast milk production:

  • Almonds
  • Green leafy veggies
  • Fenugreek
  • Halva
  • Fennel seeds
  • Yogurt
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Coffee Lactation Smoothie

coffee lactation smoothie recipe pin

We all know that caffeine should be avoided during breastfeeding which if you are like me, is not the news you want to hear after 9 months of avoiding the liquid gold that is coffee!

I myself couldn’t manage to give up my coffee during pregnancy, though limited myself to 1 cup a day. Add sleep deprivation, endless loads of washing and being a walking milk machine to this means that I have increased my coffee intake to 2 a day while breastfeeding #nomumguilt

The only issue? I haven’t finished a cup of java since Jaxon was born!! At least not a hot one anyway.

That’s what makes this recipe the best thing ever. It’s served cold so you can drink it sip by sip in between feeds, hanging up the washing, texting your mum and nappy changes.

It also has a high protein content and doubles as a meal replacement for really busy days when eating a balanced nutritious instagram salad is just not on your radar!

This recipe is really customizable as well; you can substitute the flavour of yogurt, use whole oats, decaf instant coffee, and add/reduce the amount of brewer’s yeast depending on how tolerant you are to the tart flavour.

Boobie bliss balls

IMAGE Boobie bliss balls recipe pin

These are amazing as a middle of the night snack when you get up to feed your little one.

In the early days with Jax I used to rummage through the pantry after the 3am feedings because I’d be ravenous by the time he finally fell back asleep. It was way too early to get up and have breakfast but I’d lie in bed with tummy rumbling trying to fall asleep before the next feed.

This is a recipe that is so easy you can literally do it while bubs is in the Fornessi wrap. There’s no cooking involved so no risk to baby with hot oven/stove. Put on some music and move your hips while you stir and roll to keep bubs asleep and get a mini workout at the same time #multitasking

Pro Tips:

  • Use disposable gloves so you can whip them off if bubs needs you quickly – sticky batter wont wash off quickly enough when baby is crying!
  • Add half a cup of milo to make them extra decadent, roll in coconut or add my favourite energy ingredient: Coffee (1Tbsp instant coffee should do it)!!
  • Double or triple the recipe – freeze excess balls on a lined oven tray – once frozen pop into a Ziplock and when you run out of fresh balls take out enough for 3-5 days and pop in the fridge to defrost!

Overnight Oats Three Ways

IMAGE overnight oats three ways pin

If you have the foresight to make these then props to you mumma! I stumbled upon this cooking method over and over when researching lactation recipes and I finally bit the bullet and gave it a go.

I fell in love with the versatility and the sense of organization it gave me when I opened the fridge to make brekky and I could turn to hubby and say ‘here’s something I prepared earlier’ looking smug as ever.

All my overnight oats use the same base ingredients. Just add the flavors you like, stir, cover and refrigerate, yep you guessed it: overnight!

In the morning add your no fuss garnish although all these are so tasty that if you had a rough night with bubs and you really don’t have energy to chop up bananas and arrange choc chips in an Instagram worthy pattern its cool, you’ll still love the flavor, and baby will thank you for the extra milk regardless.

Chunky Monkey Lactation Cookies

IMAGE chunky monkey lactation cookies recipe

Ok so I know I said I didn’t have time to bake cookies but I came across these so often on my lactation food journey that I had to see what all the fuss was about. 

I call these chunky monkeys as that’s exactly what happened when Jax started bulking up due to my increase in milk supply.

Get hubby to look after baby for an hour while you reunite yourself with the oven (we know you haven’t used this since meal prepping before baby was due). 

It’s a good time for him to bond unsupervised with baby and for you to forget for just a moment that you are the extension of your baby.

Pro-tip: Tell hubby that he will start lactating if he eats to many to make sure your stash doesn’t get swiped – they are THAT good!

And that’s a wrap! 

There may be a heap of reasons that you are looking to increase your breastmilk supply, whatever that reason is there is no better feeling than being able to feed and nourish your child. Being confident that you are doing everything you can to ensure a good healthy supply will make your breastfeeding journey a positive one for sure.

These recipes also work if you are experiencing a dip in your supply.

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While I don’t recommend you eat all these things every day, it’s good to have a few options for how you will feed your boobs each day. Feel free to mix it up and go with the flow of how you are feeling and what you feel like eating. There is no guilt in not meal-prepping every damn snack you let pass your lips, use that time to stare into your baby’s eyes just a little longer, you don’t know how quickly they start growing out of onesies.

Hopefully you find these recipes pretty easy to make and give them a go. If you do, I’d love to hear how you go so please do come back and leave a comment!

And of course, don’t forget to PIN for later.

Much Love, Veronika Xx

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