7 Annoying Pregnancy Questions… and How to Deal

You are swollen, heavy and tired all the time, being polite is not on your radar. 

Yet people keep testing your patience by asking you questions that make you want to knock them out… But when you seem upset by their rudeness, they act like it must be the pregnancy hormones making you so sensitive to them calling you fat.

During my pregnancy I found that the best way to deflect insensitive questions and remarks was to use humor.

Here are a few boundary stepping questions I encountered and how I dealt with them:

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Q: What are you having?

We have all been asked this when pregnant. Society’s obsession with gender is not lost on the unborn! 

Before we announced that we were having a boy it was a question that came up and really annoyed me. I knew we were eventually going to find out as we had planned a gender reveal party with our family, but I felt for those pregnant women who didn’t plan on finding out until the baby was born.

Here are a few options to deflect this question:

How to Deal

IMAGE "Hopefully a baby, but we'll settle for a puppy" 

"For lunch? Maybe a salad but i could go a sandwich, how about you?"

Q: What are you going to do about your cats?

This was literally the first thing that mum asked me when we told her we were pregnant. Mum’s an old school superstitious European so it was to be expected that we would run into this question from her eventually. Plus cats have a bad wrap when it comes to newborn babies. 

Surprisingly enough we didn’t have any problems with our two cats when we brought home baby Jax. A few responses to cat related ignorance:

How to Deal:

IMAGE "we need to sit them down and have a serious talk" 

"get rid of my cats? our cats are our furbabies, now shut up" "we told then and they are hoping for a baby brother!"

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Q: Are you going to breastfeed?

If its not enough that people are poking and prodding your belly, they want to know about your boobs as well. Your sore, changing, leaking boobs. You may not want to breastfeed but for me I was always planning to, in my family it is expected so when asked this question it was an obvious yes.

How to Deal:

IMAGE "well we think i will be difficult to get him on the cheeseburgers without teeth" 

"no I think we will just put out another cat food bowl and hope he can sniff it out"

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Q: Can I touch your belly?

How come no one tried to touch my belly when I was bloated before being pregnant? That’s right, because it’s weird and inappropriate unless the person is close to you. But if you get asked this question then 10 points to the person asking it because most people think a pregnant belly is fair game for Buddha rubs…

How to Deal:

IMAGE "sure, but careful, he bites"

"I'll let you touch mine if i can touch yours first"

"funny, that's the question that got me into this mess!"

Q: You are huge! Are you having twins?

I copped this a lot! I am naturally tall and have a long torso so my bump was quite big most of the pregnancy. That, and I was growing a 3.8kg baby! Still, this question cuts deep when there is already so much emphasis on how much weight a pregnant mama should put on!

How to Deal:

IMAGE "If we are, we are naming the accident after you!"

"no, i and a normal sized pregnant woman so back off!"

"no, how about you?" - that's right being called fat is not ok in any circumstance

Q: Hurry up and have your baby!

Trust me if I had the choice I would have done just that! Jaxon was born 8 days late. That was 8 days of my work wives (yes, plural) were messaging me daily to ask me to have the baby because THEY were tired of waiting. Yes, I’m sorry that the delay of my unborn child is causing you discomfort, or:

How to Deal:

grimace and pretend to start pushing the baby out, then sto and say - "sorry s/he must not be ready yet"

"I'll get right onto that after this donut"

Q: Have you had your baby yet??

It’s so easy to get irritated at this point in your pregnancy. You are waiting patiently (or not) and you want the arrival of your bubs to be a big surprise and blessing on the world. You want your birth announcement to be unexpected and anticipated like the birth of a royal. And then someone messages you asking for an update and it bursts your bubble. But don’t reply – and everyone will have assumed the baby has arrived and that’s not good either, especially when bubs most certainly has not! 

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Some humor to buy some time while you anticipate the arrival of your new addition:

How to Deal:

IMAGE "if I have, I didn't notice!"

Whatever the questions you get asked rest assured that people are probably asking because they care and are genuinely interested in your baby’s progress. Babies are exciting and if they are showing interest they likely just want to be a part of your happiness. But if you are 8 days overdue like I was and at your wits end then try this one!:

IMAGE "did the walk help?" "yep, meet buster" - picture of monkey in a diaper

Have you been asked any of these questions? How did you handle them? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Much Love, Veronika Xx

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